A necklace of 32 enchanting islands and cays, only nine of them inhabited, the multi island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean for leisure sailors, snorkelers and divers. This tropical paradise also offers a variety of locations for weddings, honeymoons or renewal of vows. St. Vincent, referred to as “the mainland,” is 18 miles long and 11 miles wide. The mainland is home to the La Soufrière volcano, which last erupted in 1979. La Soufriere's 1902 eruption was used in the London Volcano public exhibition project which was held at the National History Museum in 2014.

St.Vincent, the eco aspect of the destination boast a variety of natural attractions and sites. Following are some of the areas that can be visited :Film location of Pirates of the Caribbean "Curse of the Black Pearl", cascading waterfalls, nature trails, Montreal Gardens, Belmont Lookout overlooking the Mesopotamia Valley popularly known as the bread basket of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Fort Charlotte, a 19th century British battlement among many more.

Downtown Kingstown, also known as the city of arches, is a bustling area where cobblestone streets are still in use in various areas, historical churches and a vegetable market are also easily accessible. The Botanical Gardens located on 20 acres of land on the outskirts of Kingstown, is the oldest in the Western Hemisphere (established in 1765). A breadfruit tree from the original plant that was brought to the island by Captain William Bligh (of The Bounty fame) is on location. Guided tours are conducted to the various sites by tour guides.

Lying nine (9) miles south of St. Vincent, is Bequia the largest Grenadine Island which is a hub for yachting and diving. Bequia craftsmen are also known for crafting highly colorful replicas of existing boats. Among the attractions and events are the following: The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, the Bequia Maritime Museum, a number of galleries and artisans’ shops. The Bequia Music Fest held in January and the Easter Regatta held annually during the Easter weekend attracts visitors and participants from the UK, USA and the Caribbean.

Mustique, is a hideaway for the rich and famous and is visited regularly by the British royal family. This island has also established a popular Blues Festival which is held, annually, in February.

Canouan is known as an elegant and luxurious tourist destination and boast one of the longest barrier reefs in the Caribbean. Golfers can also enjoy a game while on Canouan. Do not forget to visit Happy Island off Union Island accessible by boat. Union Island is the transit point for day trip passengers, from neighbouring islands including Barbados, to Mayreau, Palm Island and the Tobago Cays, which is justly famous for its well protected shallow waters. Visitors are also usually excited with the Moon-Light Kite surfing Show held on Union Island.

For those seeking total seclusion, Young Island, Palm Island and Petit St. Vincent are well placed to accommodate visitors .

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Airports / Gateways / Flying times

Airports: E.T. Joshua Airport on St. Vincent is the main airport and operates day and night flights. Canouan has a Jetport and additional airstrips are located in Bequia , Mustique and Union Island. Bequia, Mustique and Union Island can only accommodate small aircrafts. Palm Island and Petit St. Vincent are only accessible by boat.

Gateways/Flying Times: There are no direct flights to St Vincent from the UK, however passengers from the UK and North America can fly in via Barbados, St. Lucia, Martinique, Trinidad and Grenada on the following carriers BA, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Air Canada, American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Jet Blue and US Airways.
LIAT provides a schedule service from other Caribbean Island to St. Vincent. Grenadines Air, Mustique Airways and SVG Air also provide a connecting service. London to Barbados: 8 hours, 20 minutes. New York to Barbados 4hrs 17mins and Barbados to St. Vincent: 35 minutes.


Average temperatures range from 24C/75F- 30C/87F. Driest season is January to April.  Rainy season is July to October. Average annual rainfall is 80" on the coast and 150" inland.


Restaurants available – Diners can select - Local, Fast food, Gourmet, Chinese, Italian and French. Please visit the SVG website dining and entertainment page to get a listing of dining venues. Dress code is generally casual. 




Entertainment - Some hotels offer dining, dancing, steel band and Calypso music.  A few clubs and discos offer West Indian entertainment. 


Botanic Gardens, Fort Charlotte, La Sourfriere Volcano, Carib Pétroglyphes, Falls of Baleine, DarkView Falls, Trinity Falls, Wallilabou Falls, Montreal Gardens, Vermont Nature Trail, Owia Salt Pond, Black Point Tunnel, Pirates of the Caribbean film site, Tobago Cays and the Grenadine Islands.
For further information please visit our website or contact the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Office at 10 Kensington Court, London, W8 5DL Tel:20 7937 6570, email: svgtourismeurope@aol.com

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