Nature & Wildlife

Explore the Diverse Natural Beauty of the Caribbean

The magnificent Caribbean countries have been blessed with more than their fair share of the planet’s natural beauty. From the iconic panoramas of white sand beaches and aquamarine oceans, to the lush, verdant interiors decorated with rainforests, waterfalls, swamps and volcanic mountains, there’s a jaw-dropping picture-postcard image at every turn of your head.

We know you’ll want to squeeze every last drop out of whichever country you choose to visit for your holiday in the Caribbean, so we’re proud to share what we think will be some of your most memorable experiences. Which way you turn your head is entirely up to you…

5 Reasons why the Caribbean is the perfect choice for Nature and Wildlife travel

  1. Diverse landscape and stunning scenery
  2. An abundance of unique flora and fauna
  3. Once in a lifetime experiences to get up close to nature
  4. Explore the underwater world of the surrounding waters
  5. Eco-friendly accommodation

Featured Destinations for Nature and Wildlife Travel

Puerto Rico

Rainforests Rich with Wildlife

The landscape of the Caribbean islands is as diverse as it is beautiful and, with a good proportion of it under protection, the plant and animal life is in glorious abundance. One of the very best ways to encounter this ecological bounty is on foot, and hiking along picturesque rainforest trails, across rolling sand dunes and deep into wildlife-rich preserves and National Parks studded with tinkling waterfalls is a joy not to be missed.   

Islands like Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Grenada, Tobago, Saint Lucia, Montserrat and Antigua are particularly prolific with birds and other wildlife, much of it endemic. For those wanting a close encounter with monkeys, mongoose, iguanas, sloths, reptiles, flamingos and myriad other species of birds, the rainforests of the Caribbean provide a truly satisfying experience for nature lovers. For these experiences you should consider holidaying in Dominica, Belize and Guyana for some of the most spectacular rainforests.

Image Credit: Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Authority

Limestone Caves and Drive-in Volcanoes

Image Credit: Harrisons Cave, Barbados – Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc

Equally as spectacular as the rainforests, but in a very different way, are the limestone caves that are dotted throughout many of the countries of the Caribbean. Some offer guided tours to visitors to marvel at the stalagmites and stalactites, while others operate eco-activities like rafting, zip-lining and rappelling for the adventurous ones who want to explore a little further and faster.

Quite often these magical underground caves reveal sites of extreme natural beauty, and there are literally countless miles of underground cave networks on Barbados, Belize, and many other islands.

Another feature of some of the Caribbean islands’ mountainous landscape is the presence of volcanoes, many of which provide their own opportunities for hiking and sightseeing. While you can explore volcanoes on Montserrat, Dominica and others, the most famous of all are the twin peaks of the majestic Pitons, which dominate the landscape of Saint Lucia.

Explore the Underwater World

The teeming marine life of the Caribbean is what many people come for and, believe us when we say, nobody leaves disappointed. The surrounding waters provide a home for an astonishing array of species, including many that are rare and endangered.

Snorkelling provides a highly accessible way to encounter turtles, reef sharks, wrasse, stingrays, whale sharks and a host of other colourful fish, while whale and dolphin watching tours will take you out past the reefs for memorable up close and personal sightings. Whichever destination you choose as a base, there are countless diving, snorkelling, sailing and boating opportunities to get you VIP access to the absolutely magical oceanic and underwater world of the Caribbean.

Image Credit: Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada

Get Back to Nature in the Caribbean

We can’t wait to share the stunning natural beauty of the Caribbean with you. If you’d like some advice on where to go and what to see to discover its spectacular diversity for yourself, get in touch with one of our Caribbean specialists to answer any questions and offer advice for your travel plans.