Caribbean Weddings

Celebrate Your Love with Caribbean Wedding Packages

The Best Locations for Caribbean Wedding Packages

Boasting some of the world’s most picturesque locations, the Caribbean provides the perfect combination for a wedding that you and your guests will never forget: a romantic atmosphere, idyllic views and an enviable climate all blended into a paradise that will serve as the backdrop to your wedding day.

5 Reasons why the Caribbean is the perfect choice for Weddings

  1. Stunning romantic scenery.
  2. Countless options for both private and large wedding celebrations.
  3. The perfect place to spend quality time with your loved one.
  4. Beautiful accommodation options for couples.
  5. Luxurious atmosphere.

Luxury, Beaches, Botanical Gardens & More

Starting your new life together is a momentous occasion, so if you want to go the extra mile to make it special, why not give yourselves and your guests the VIP experience in the Caribbean? Shower yourselves in luxury and choose a picturesque resort as the location for the event – nothing says love like a golden sunset, sand beneath your feet and the relaxing sounds of the waves.

From beautiful beachfront weddings in Belize to ceremonies held on the pier at Rum Point in the Cayman Islands to an open-air volcano view wedding in Montserrat, you can expect to tie the knot in spectacular fashion.

Image Credit: Galley Bay Resort and Spa, Antigua

Unique Venues

Image Credit: Grenada Tourism Authority

Hosting your wedding in the Caribbean is one thing, choosing one of its completely unique venues is quite another. On the island of St Eustatius, for example, you can choose to get married in the ruins of the Jewish synagogue, the Courthouse, Fort Oranje or the botanical gardens.

The private island of Petit St. Vincent, the eco retreats of Dominica or even a cocoa plantation in Ladera, Saint Lucia are just some of the other unique venues that can give your celebrations that something extra. 

Just the Two of Us

If you would enjoy a more private, intimate celebration, you might prefer some of the destinations that are a little off the beaten path and quieter than their more hectic sister islands. There are quiet, secluded beaches and retreats in places like the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Grenada, Tobago and Curaçao. Bask in the glorious sunshine, sip sweet cocktails and bubbly champagne and feel your love blossoming as you enjoy one another’s company

If you’re looking for a secluded Caribbean location to exchange vows with your fiancé, we have some unbeatable suggestions.

Image Credit: Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

The Perfect Accommodation

Image Credit: Ladera Resort, Saint Lucia

Where you stay can make all the difference to the success of a holiday, and a wedding is no exception.

If you’re looking for ultimate luxury then there are wedding suites in almost all destinations which often include extras such as champagne or romantic turndown services.

Couples who seek an experience can also find accommodation that will delight, from eco retreats in Belize and boutique hotels, to converted plantations in Saint Lucia and tree hotels in Dominica.

No Better Place

For an occasion as special and romantic as a wedding, there really is no better place to celebrate than the Caribbean. Allow yourselves to relax and enjoy the immense beauty of whichever island you choose as your base location, before saying your vows and starting a new and exciting life together.

Caribbean countries not only offer a stunning backdrop for your special day, but can also provide opportunities for relaxation, romance and seclusion. However you wish to celebrate the big day, any one of the fabulous Caribbean wedding packages  from our Caribbean Travel Special Specialist  will make it perfect.