Caribbean MICE

Why is the Caribbean Ideal for Meetings and Events?

The Caribbean: Perfect for Corporate Incentives & Events

We’re delighted to say that the Caribbean is becoming more and more popular as a valued and viable choice for seminars, conferences and other corporate events of all sizes. While it still commands a relatively small sector of the market, with several of our operators offering a highly personal and specialised service, the diversity and niche aspects of the Caribbean islands make them extremely appealing to both organisers and delegates.

Along with its very obvious natural attributes, the superb climate, high standard of luxury accommodation and facilities and the range of extra-curricular activities on offer make the region an excellent proposition for truly world-class MICE tourism.

4 Reasons why the Caribbean is the perfect choice for an event

  1. Luxury accommodation
  2. Highly accessible locations
  3. State-of-the-art facilities
  4. Wide range of activities

The Bahamas

The beautiful Bahamas offer a great deal of scope for those planning group events, with a superb range of upscale accommodation, state-of-the-art meeting and seminar facilities and plenty of activities for delegates to enjoy in their downtime. Of course, they may just want to go to the beach, and that’s ok too!

Whether you’re organising a meeting for a handful of people or a symposium for hundreds, hosting the occasion in the Bahamas could be one of the best business decisions of your life. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

Image Credit: Atlantis Paradise Island


Image Credit: Hilton Rosehall, Jamaica

Jamaica is the largest English-speaking Caribbean island, and it has a tradition of hosting international travellers.

With a level of hospitality that is unsurpassed, Jamaica is a natural choice for meetings or incentive events. The infrastructure is unparalleled, the telecommunications quality matches that of any industrial giant and the meeting venues are spectacular.


While Barbados may be small, its 166 square miles add up to an ideal destination for planning intimate business meetings or larger conference events. The island’s compact size belies its superb range of upmarket accommodation options and the scope of activities on offer for delegates.

The business and technology infrastructure of the island is highly regarded and numerous international businesses have chosen it as a base. If you’re considering this beautiful island as a location for your next seminar or business event, you’ll find a lot of great facilities to love.

Other Idyllic Islands

While some Caribbean destinations are more high profile than others in terms of the seminar and conference market, there are plenty more that tick all the right boxes in the most delightful way.

Destinations like Puerto Rico, the Turks & Caicos, Saint Lucia, Antigua, Grenada and Tobago may not initially come to mind as a place to hold a business meeting or larger corporate event, but their gorgeous white sands, lush interiors and glorious oceans can hold the key to presenting a very successful event. With luxury accommodation that includes excellent onsite facilities and easy accessibility from airports, these islands should all be high on the list of potential locations.

Plan the Perfect Corporate Event in the Caribbean

If you’re planning an international meeting, conference, seminar or corporate event, considering the Caribbean as your destination of choice just makes good business sense. Get in touch with one of our friendly and experienced agents and they can assist you with all the details and direct you to the most appropriate operators to make your event a success. Contact us for further information.