Caribbean Island Hopping

Amazing Caribbean Island Hopping Experiences

Whoever said less is more had obviously never heard of multicentre holidays because when it comes to a trip to the Caribbean, more is definitely more. If you’re going to invest in the long-haul flight to get there then make the most of your adventure halfway across the globe by seeing more than one destination.

The best way to do that is to plan to stay for a substantial amount of time (we’re talking two weeks minimum) and to make sure you visit more than one country. And don’t worry – there’s definitely a combination trip just right for you. 

Caribbean Island Hopping: It’s Just So Easy

There is an excellent transport infrastructure by sea and by air which makes Caribbean Island hopping a breeze. Airlines from the US, UK, Paris and Amsterdam fly direct to destinations like Barbados and Antigua, St Martin, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, St Kitts, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and Turks and Caicos.

From these hubs it is easy to board same-day connections with regional airlines like LIAT and InterCaribbean Airways which serve smaller destinations like the British Virgin Islands, Guyana, Puerto Rico and Belize.

If you prefer to travel between destinations by water transport you can choose from ferries, catamarans, private speedboats and yachts. There are some scenic ferry routes between St Vincent to the Grenadines, Antigua to Montserrat and St Martin to Anguilla.

Of course, some destinations are actually a collection of islands so if you are visiting places like the British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, the Caymans, St Kitts and Nevis or St Vincent and the Grenadines, you will probably take to the water during your holiday to explore the full diversity of each destination.

Multicentre Equals Multi-Experience

Image Credit: Young Island, St Vincent and Grenadines

Looking for luxurious pampering, awe-inspiring natural phenomena, thought-provoking cultural experiences, upmarket shopping and lots and lots of sun? The Caribbean is astoundingly diverse in its range of holiday types so if you want a bit of everything then a multicentre break is the best way forward.

You don’t have to choose between swimming with sea turtles in Barbados or high-end shopping in St Martin. You can have both!

The geography of the region lends itself to easily accessible yet contrasting experiences. If you’re staying in vibrant Grenada give yourself some downtime with an excursion to the quieter Carriacou in the northeast. A similar contrast of lively and peaceful can be experienced by chartering a vessel from the Puerto Rico mainland to the calm beaches of Culebra.

For something a bit more ambitious, board the cargo boats or local ferries from St Vincent and the Grenadines to explore the tropical paradise of the 32 islands that form a chain in the south.