Caribbean Cuisine

Culinary Delights to Try in the Caribbean

Culinary Sensations in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is the ultimate haven for foodie fanatics, whether your taste buds enjoy hot-and-spicy delights, rich puddings or refreshing tropical flavours. Bask in the sunshine and sample utterly divine dishes, some unique to the islands and others familiar from home.

Any food lover is sure to be impressed by the range of luxurious dining options and authentic street food stalls hidden around the destinations. From the Bahamas to Trinidad & Tobago, you can rest assured that you will never be too far from some inviting cuisine.

4 Reasons why the Caribbean is ideal for food lovers

  1. Exciting street food stalls can be found in most destinations.
  2. Varied cuisines are served in several hotels.
  3. Traditional dishes are delicious and easy to access.
  4. A chance to visit cocoa plantations and rum distilleries.

Dine in Style

If you want to try luxury culinary experiences, there are plenty of Caribbean dining options that are hard to surpass in sophistication and class. Holidaymakers looking to sample some of the finest foods will love these gastronomic getaways – enjoy high-quality local cuisine while taking in fabulous views and making use of luxurious facilities.

Many hotels in the Caribbean have a number of different restaurants from which to choose, and these are perfect venues for foodie fanatics looking to enjoy a range of different culinary treats. Antigua’s Carlisle Bay, Sandals Grenada Resort and Spa and the Half Moon in Jamaica are among the many hotels renowned for their great collection of restaurants. Some hotels evenboast onsite Italian and French restaurants as well as oriental cuisine, grills and BBQs, so their guests are truly spoiled for choice.

Whether you’re looking at hotels in the Bahamas, Haiti, St Maarten, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Lucia, Antigua or Barbados, we have some excellent recommendations for you.

Image Credit: Cliff Beach Club, Barbados

The Best of Local Cuisine

Image Credit: Saint Lucia Tourist Authority

Those keen to discover Caribbean culture will find it hard to resist the glorious array of street food stalls and foodie festivals – there’s no better place to find famous local treats. Wander through the lively towns and villages, taking in the rich scents all around you as patties of all varieties (including meat, fish and vegetable), seafood sandwiches and smoky jerk chicken portions are cooked to perfection. No matter where you are in the Caribbean, from the Cayman Islands to Nevis to Puerto Rico, the regional food promises to be sensational.

If you’re visiting a street food stall in Barbados or a culinary festival in Martinique, you’ll find yourself immersed in local culture. The colourful narrow streets are filled with the sounds of lively calypso music, and everywhere you turn delicious dishes are being prepared and served. Getting a taste of this lifestyle during your holiday is an absolute must.

Food Festivals

Festivals  are a big feature in many destinations, and cuisine rates highly as a reason for celebration.

Chocolate in Belize and Grenada, rum in Barbados and seafood in Jamaica are just a few of the specialist festivals that are held every year. For high end cooking the Cayman Cookout, the Cayman Islands in January is the place to be when the world’s leading chefs assemble for demonstrations, tastings and dining events.

If you are visiting Curaçao in April don’t miss the Culinair – a 2-night extravaganza hosted by the island’s best restaurants. The following month Martinique holds a festival to celebrate its unique gastronomic heritage and culture during Sainte-Marie Culinary Week.

Unmissable Caribbean Beverages

Picture you and your spouse walking hand in hand across the soft, white and pink sands of a paradise shoreline like those in the Bahamas. Taste the tingle of the champagne that you’ll sip as you sit together on your hotel balcony watching the spectacular sunsets like those that take place on Antigua’s west coast. Feel the balmy evening air on your skin while you enjoy a candlelit dinner overlooking the beach. And share that feeling of awe with your partner as you drink in the lush and dramatic scenery of unspoiled islands like Saint Lucia.

If you and your spouse want to start your married life on a romantic note, then there is no better place to do so.

Image Credit: Rum Shack, Galley Bay, Antigua

The Getaway of a Lifetime

If you’re a culinary enthusiast planning a getaway to a Caribbean island or country, you’re definitely looking in the right place. When it comes to diverse cuisine, luxury restaurants and local street foods, some islands really do have it all. If you’d like more personalised guidance when booking your holiday, get in touch with our Caribbean Travel Specialist – we will be happy to help you organise your dream escape.