26 miles of unspoilt beaches, extraordinary wildlife and exquisite biodiversity await you on this beguiling island. Tobago is the land of folktales, where vast tropical forest meets mesmerising waterfalls, where rocky canyons and hidden caves teem with barracudas and manta rays, and where secluded beaches come in only one flavour-perfect.

The island of Tobago is also home to the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere- the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere listed Main Ridge Forest Reserve. Over a quarter of the Caribbean’s mammals and over 260 birds live in and around this forest, including the White Tailed Sabrewing which is endemic to Tobago.

With its multitude of smaller islands like Little Tobago and Goat Island, you can descend to the depths of its coral reefs and experience some first class diving; Kelleston Drain and the world’s largest brain coral, Speyside with its unsurpassed visibility and Atlantic pull, or the Japanese Gardens off Goat Island. Located north of South America and just 21 miles from its sister island of Trinidad, Tobago is an ideal choice for twin island breaks; pairing the tranquillity of Tobago with the vibrancy of Trinidad



Getting Here

ANR Robinson Airport Tobago (TAB), 7 miles from Tobago’s capital, Scarborough.

Gateways/ Flying Times: British Airways fly direct from Gatwick to ANR Robinson Airport. London to Tobago: 9 hours 5 minutes. Caribbean Airlines flies between Trinidad & Tobago hourly from 5:40 am to 1:45 am with 20 minutes flying time.

Things to do / Activities

Choose Tobago for the nature, but stay for the party! Tobago has a religion that is all its own and it’s called Sunday School- a raucous street party at Buccoo in the south west of the island complete with steel pan orchestra, soca, R&B music and a real party atmosphere.

Where to stay

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As you would expect of an island so close to Venezuela, food in Tobago has a strong Latin American vibe, with European, Chinese and African influences thrown in too! Seafood is a specialty, try locally caught crab presented in their shell with a curry sauce and dumplings, and roti (curry on thin pancakes). Whether you’re in capital Scarborough, Speyside, Buccoo or Black Rock, there are restaurants, cafes and roti shops just waiting to serve up some Tobagonian delights.

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