The Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba lies 15 miles north of the South American coastline, benefitting from year-round sunshine, an average temperature of 32 degrees and a cooling breeze. Located on the edge of the hurricane belt, with a nine mile stretch of award-winning pristine beach, turquoise seas, colonial Dutch architecture and a Latin vibe; Aruba is a delightful alternative Caribbean experience. And with brand new direct British Airways flights starting in March 2023, Aruba is now even easier to get too! 

An adventure in Aruba is most often found in discovery of the unexpected. Visitors to the island delight in the amenities of world class hotels, stunning beaches, constant sunshine and dramatic scenery.

The sophistication of the leeward side is rivalled only by the dramatic natural and historic sites that can be found throughout the island, especially on the windward face. The back roads of Aruba take travellers past eerie rock formations, cacti and the famous divi-divi trees. Further along the rugged environs of the islands’ cactus-studded landscapes, past the world famous white sand, palm-fringed beaches, there also lays the rolling patch of green of golf courses that promise an adventure of a different sort. Dive under the sea and visitors are transported to another world, one populated by numerous tropical fish, bountiful coral and even a shipwreck or two.

Complementing a day of discovery is a night of excitement with action to be found in the island’s casinos, showrooms and nightclubs. Pair an evening escape with a visit to one of the many fine restaurants and enjoy a gourmet dining experience in Aruba’s relaxed atmosphere.

One of the islands greatest assets is its people, whose warm, welcoming smiles greet visitors at every turn. Hospitality remains a strongly engrained tradition. Arubans gladly share their island and its unique culture, which is well displayed in folkloric festivals, art exhibitions and during a very joyous carnival season.


Getting Here

Every day, we welcome happy visitors through the Port of Aruba, or our state-of-the-art international airport. There you’ll find daily flights from locations all over the world, as well as convenient single-connection flights from most major US cities.

As of the 26th March 2023 British Airways will be launching a brand new year-round direct flight to Aruba! This flight will operate twice weekly on a Sunday and Thursday, tagged with Antigua. Flights and packages are currently on sale via the British Airways website. This will be the first ever direct scheduled to Aruba. 

Additionally from the UK, there are scheduled daily flights with KLM via Amsterdam (16 regional departures), plus American Airlines via the USA or Avianca via Colombia. 

Things to do / Activities

It’s true that Aruba is small, but the island packs more fun and happiness into 70 square miles than any other Caribbean island.

Aruba is known for it's perfect weather and legendary beaches, near-endless stretches of white sand kissed by sparkling warm seas and hugged by the wind-curved trunks of the fofoti trees.

Venture beyond the sand and you’ll discover so much more. A sea full of life and shipwrecks. Pastel streets lined with shows, shopping and vibrant nightlife. An authentic, inviting culture. There’s no shortage of fun things to do here! 

Where to stay

From relaxing resorts to bustling hotels and casinos, Aruba has welcoming accommodation for everyone and every budget.

Stay in the heart of the action in one of our grand resorts, just steps from the powdery-white sands and beautiful turquoise waves of our world-famous beaches.

Or venture further up the coast to find secluded luxury accommodation, perfect for romantic getaways and fine dining. Whatever you’re looking for, warm and welcoming staff teams are eager to help you find happiness. 

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From traditional Dutch to Asian, African and Spanish, the dining options are as diverse and welcoming as our people.

You can eat fresh fish straight from the sea, share a glass of wine at sunset with your toes in the sand, or indulge in classic Italian cuisine in the shadow of a century-old lighthouse.

Aruba’s vibrant restaurant scene is your happy opportunity to sample delicious cuisine inspired by over 90 unique nationalities. Sit at our tables and savour the rich flavours of our keshi yena, and taste an authentic side of Aruba prepared with love.

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