Nevis are proud to home the Caribbean’s first ever hotel, Bath Hotel. Built in 1778, the Bath Hotel was once a hub for the wealthy and famous who retreated to Nevis for the solace and comfort the Spring House offered through their therapeutic hot spring baths.

You too can enjoy the thermal spa and treat your various aches and pains by immersing yourself in the hot volcanic waters of the Bath Spring. The spring water is reputed to contain minerals of medicinal value and is known to have cured chronic rheumatism and gout with water temperature ranging from 104F (40C) to 108F (42C)

The island of Nevis is naturally one of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean. British Admiral Horatio Nelson, captain of His Majesty’s Ship the Boreas, stopped at Nevis to
water his ship on his many visits to the region. On March 11, 1787 he fell in love and married a local Nevisian beauty, Frances Herbert Nisbet on the grounds of Montpelier Plantation.
It is often said that Nevis evokes memories of the Caribbean as it used to be. A time when life was more peaceful, when stress was just a word, not a way of life.

Browsing in the local market, chatting with friendly artisans, visiting our historical sites, or simply strolling along a secluded beach, the Nevis “experience” will envelop you in a slow, seductive manner.

Part of the Leeward Islands chain, Nevis remains one of the gems of the Caribbean, with
Natural vegetation and beauty that are unparalleled.
Its capital, Charlestown, is among the most charming in the whole region, with its streets and Central Square lined with classic examples of authentic West Indian architecture.

Whether you decide to stay at a five- star resort, an intimate hotel or a picturesque plantation inn for a weekend or a month, the welcome will always be enthusiastic.
Perfect for a destination wedding, you can choose from picturesque churches, historic plantations, soft, sandy beaches or beautiful tropical gardens. All will make your special day a memorable occasion

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Airports / Gateways / Flying times

Airports: The Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw International Airport in St. Kitts (SKB) is less than 2 miles from downtown Basseterre and Vance W. Amory International Airport in Nevis (NEV) is approximately 6 miles outside Charlestown. Additional private air terminal facilities with YU Lounge are available in St. Kitts.

Gateways/Flying Times: There are daily connections via Antigua and Puerto Rico to St. Kitts and via Antigua  and Puerto Rico to Nevis.  WINAIR also flies from St. Maarten to Nevis. A scheduled British Airways service flies twice weekly to St. Kitts on Wednesday and Saturday from London (Gatwick).

There are daily ferry services (45 minutes) or faster water taxi (6-8 minutes) is available between St. Kitts and Nevis. You can also take a ferry service from St. Kitts to Antigua which is about 1hr 30 minutes.


Temperature High/Low Summer 90/76 degrees F,  32/24 degrees C. Winter 84/72 degrees F, 29/22 degrees C. Average humidity is 71.5%.  Annual rainfall averages 55 inches.  Approximate sunrise 0530, sunset 1830.


Food aficionados will find a wonderful range of cuisines to select from available at various restaurants, both individually operated and found within the island’s hotels or inns.   Local delicacies with a distinctly Caribbean flair dominate most menus, yet Continental, vegetarian, Italian and other styles can also be found on St. Kitts and Nevis.  Tipping is discretionary at 10-15%. Dress code varies depending on the establishment.




Entertainment available includes-Live local and international entertainment. Conventional Clubs. Beach Bars/Club. Sports bars. Dinner/dances. 


The Horatio Nelson Museum is a must see on Nevis Island, said to be the largest collection of relics belonging to the British Naval Admiral in the western hemisphere, the “Nevis in the time of Nelson” exhibition has fascinated thousands of visitors, including HRH Queen Elizabeth II and other royal family members who stayed on the island. A natural progression would be to Fig Tree Church to admire the location where Nelson wed Fanny Nisbet of Nevis. Other historical visits would be to the Hermitage plantation Inn, here you can sample the rum punch Nevis is famed for in the oldest building on the island. Another would be to Bath Hotel, once a playground for the rich and influential, where now you can bathe in the newly revitalised thermal hot springs, at the Caribbeans first hotel.

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