Caribbean Tourism Organization Travel Media Awards 2019

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Journalist / Blogger Information

PR’s: If you are submitting an entry on behalf of a journalist please include full journalist details above in addition to your contact information below:

Please notify the journalist for whom you are submitting


      • The 2019 Caribbean Travel Media Awards will include eight categories as follows:
        1.    Best travel trade feature
        2.    Best national newspaper feature 
        3.    Best regional newspaper feature
        4.    Best consumer feature
        5.    Best broadcast (TV and radio) feature
        6.    Best online or blog feature/post
        7.    Best Social Media Campaign
        8.    Best Caribbean Round Up
      • Only entries submitted by CTO Destination Members, UK Chapter Members, qualified UK or Irish based media and public relations or representation companies based in the UK, shall be eligible.
      • Entries must have been published or broadcast between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019
      • Eligible participants may enter as many categories as they wish but may not submit more than one (1) entry per category.
      • Finalists will be announced in October and Awards will be presented at the Caribbean Tourism Awards ceremony on Monday 4 November 2019.
      • Entries must be submitted by Friday 13 September, 2019.
      • All submissions must be made online at
      • Submissions should showcase creativity and thoughtful knowledge of the Caribbean and have a proactive story angle
      • Where the selection criteria herein stated have not been met, the entry shall be disqualified.
      • By submitting an entry, the participant grants the CTO an irrevocable, royalty free and perpetual licence right to use without restriction and reproduce all submitted work, whether article or broadcast, including without limitation the copying, transmission, distribution and publication for display or promotion purposes. The participant will be credited every time the entry is used.
      • The winner agrees to allow his/her photograph to be taken and utilised for publicity purposes at the award event

 Guidelines for Submission

      • Please read the following guidelines to ensure each submission is entered in the correct format.   The relevant category being entered for must be clearly specified with each individual entry and must be accompanied by workable links, and in the case of print media, a pdf of the article
      • Entries must be submitted via the submission form at
      • Print (newspaper and magazine): Name and Date of the publication, title(s) and name(s) and contact details of the journalist(s). Entries must also include a pdf or jpeg of the article or a legible scanned copy from the publication(s) and, where possible, a web link.
      • Broadcast: Name of TV or Radio station / programme that broadcasted the piece, the date and time of broadcast and the names of the producer(s) and presenter(s). A copy of the script (to include transcript of the SOTs (Sound on Tape) & lead ins) and a digital link to the feature must also be supplied.
      • Blog or Online: Name of the blog or online media outlet, date of publication, and contact details of the blogger /influencer/journalists. Entries must include a workable web link(s) to the feature(s) and pdf or jpeg (or legible scanned copy).    
      • Social Media Campaign: Social Media Campaigns must include Campaigns where at least three platforms are involved in the activity. Entries must include a summary stat report, background /description of the campaign including all coverage together with documentary support, i.e. a collage of photos, links, etc.  in jpeg or pdf.
      • Caribbean Round-Up : Submissions under this Category must include a minimum of three destinations.

 Judging Process

      • The CTO’s communications department shall scrutinize all entries upon receipt and tabulate for the judging process those entries which meet the selection criteria and adhere to the submission procedures.
      • The CTO shall appoint a panel of judges to review and score entries
      • Judges will be looking for:
      • Best representation of the Caribbean/destination as an attractive region/destination to travel to.
      • Best promotion of the key unique selling points of the destination featured.
      • Originality of the piece and overall a great campaign, feature, video or blog.
      • Judges reserve the right to re-allocate entries into another category if deemed appropriate.
      • Depending on their assessment of the standard of entries, the judges may withhold awards in any category as they see fit.  They may also ascribe “Special Mention” (without award) to an entry where warranted.
      • Decisions of the Judges shall be final.