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The Caribbean is your destination for a holiday like no other. For pristine beaches, unrivalled culture a wealth of UNESCO World Heritage sights and an abundance of colour and natural riches- the 7000 islands and islets of the Caribbean are just waiting for you to discover them!

As part of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, the UK Chapter of the CTO works with over 80 travel companies like hotels, tour operators and airlines, bringing them all together to help you to experience the best holiday in the Caribbean. From researching your perfect Caribbean island to finding the ideal hotel and securing the most amazing special offer, the CTO’s UK Chapter makes booking a Caribbean escape simple and enjoyable.

The choice in the Caribbean is immense. From places to stay, activities to enjoy to the sheer wealth of islands to choose from, it’s our mission to help you, inspire you and guide you as you start on your journey to the Caribbean. With the support of over 80 travel partners, this website ensures you have the expertise of the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals as you research, plan and book your Caribbean holiday.