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The Caribbean Islands are a golfer’s paradise. With great weather all year round, stunning scenery and some spectacular championship courses, golfers return here year after year.

As a golfer you are the luckiest of all sports enthusiasts visiting the Caribbean, no matter how well or indifferently you play. You can choose to swing your driver while enjoying the privilege of the most spectacular locations, the best of amenities, well-appointed clubhouses -- and even someone to carry your bags.

One of life’s greatest joys for the golfer is to travel in anticipation of the next great discovery; in the Caribbean once you look up from your swing, you will find a backdrop second to none. The scenery and settings of our courses will transport you from such mundane concerns as yardages and hazards, to a heaven-sent opportunity to brush up your backswing and hole the long putts.

Even those accustomed to the world's legendary golfing delights, from St Andrews to Augusta and Pebble Beach, will find themselves spoiled by the choices in the Caribbean, and the opportunity to play -- every day of the year -- championship courses attached to hotels, resort complexes and country clubs.

Here you can play in sunny weather, surrounded by beautiful scenery, on challenging courses etched into magnificent coastal landscapes. Beginners and accomplished golfers alike can have the thrill of a glorious adventure in a new world, and the opportunity to savour the day over exotic food and drink.

Several golf tournaments are hosted throughout the year, attracting participants from a number of countries in Europe and North America. Most golf clubs offer professional instruction and the chance to follow in the studmarks of some of the golfing greats.

There is so much on offer to golfers on their island getaways; with excellent facilities at golf country clubs and golf resorts on many of the islands including Nevis, Puerto Rico and St. Kitts. Then there are the well-established, highly-rated courses in The Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica and Saint Lucia.

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Cricket is played in most of the Caribbean islands. It is more than just a sport, it is a way of life!

Spectator Sport

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Sport and leisure, relaxation and exercise are inseparable in the Caribbean. Whatever you choose to do and wherever you choose to do it, you also become an observer, enchanted by the beauty of your surroundings as you're warmed by the sun and fanned by gentle breezes, infected by the enthusiasm of the spectators around you.
One of the most pleasant ways of enjoying our spectacular scenery is a sport in itself.

The Olympic spirit rides high – especially in Cuba, The Bahamas, Trinidad and Jamaica, where local legend Usain Bolt is one of a number of world-class athletes. Some countries tend to have more modern arenas where track and field events are regularly held. Tourists can participate in some of the marathons on islands like Montserrat’s with its Volcano Half Marathon; while Barbados, Nevis and Caymans Islands stage similar events.

Cricket is played in most of the Caribbean islands. It is more than just a sport, it’s a way of life! The West Indies is, after all, home to cricketing legends Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Vivian Richards and Brian Lara to name but a few. 

Cricket carries the crown as the most popular sport on many of the English-speaking islands, where it is the national game and national passion. It is particularly popular in Barbados and Antigua, and international matches are staged on Jamaica, Trinidad, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Guyana.

If you've never seen a cricket match, this is the time to try. Our many famous cricketers are renowned for playing the game the carefree West Indian way, with style and dash, to the accompaniment of steel bands, conch shells and dancing supporters. You can join in a game on the beach where they learned to play cricket as children.

Tennis enthusiasts enjoy a perfect climate for the sport. Courts are widely available at many hotels and island clubs, as are fitness centres. If you prefer to exercise US-style, you will find facilities for basketball, baseball and volleyball. And in islands where baseball is king -- like Cuba and Curaçao -- you may spot the next Sammy Sosa or a future 'El Duque' or Andruw Jones before they make it to the major leagues.

Barbados runs an annual sports camp where local and visiting children can play football, netball and cricket with star coaches, while St. Vincent’s Buccament Bay Resort and has its own Liverpool FC soccer school and a Pat Cash tennis academy.