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Holidays are a time for relaxation – but they are also the best opportunity to get a little adventure into your life. The Caribbean offers an extraordinary range of exciting activities on foot, on horseback, by boat or land transport.


Canopy tour through the Antigua Rain Forest


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Bring some sturdy walking shoes and hike through the stunning scenery. In many Caribbean countries, you can join a free organised hike, follow one of the many marked trails or hire a guide. Trails vary in difficulty from leisurely 20-minute walks to a full day’s journey up steep and difficult terrain.

Antigua and Barbuda Rain Forest Canopy Tour

Canopy tour through the Antigua Rain Forest.

Canopy tours

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The Caribbean offers some of the world’s most diverse terrain from the rainforests of Dominica to the magnificent waterfalls of Guyana or the stunning mountains of the Morne La Selle in the La Visite National Park in Haiti; to Angel Falls – one of the world’s highest waterfalls and the Andes Mountains in Venezuela. Perfect for hiking and walking. From a gentle stroll to full day treks off the beaten track, there are routes to suit everyone. Some of the tougher challenges can be found in Belize, particularly noted for its diverse wildlife, or exploring the spectacular Kaieteur Falls in Guyana.

The Caribbean holds rich rewards for thrill-seekers looking for adventure with off-road safaris, rainforest treks and zip-wire tours mainly on larger, more mountainous islands like Jamaica and Saint Lucia. Walkers can stride out across jungle-covered volcanoes on St. EustatiusSt. Kitts and Nevis or through rainforests on Saint LuciaDominicaPuerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago.

bike adventure

Bike adventure in Saint Lucia.

Bike adventure

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Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountains lend themselves to hiking and cycling, but many other islands also cater for bikers. Saint Lucia has an excellent network of mountainous bike trails while Barbados offers scenic bicycle tours. Adventurers can also fly through the trees on a zip-wire in Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Antigua.

Belize is another country ripe for exploration, as is Venezuela, with mountains, jungles, rainforests, rivers and waterfalls. On Montserrat walkers can follow trails across hills and woodlands to the backdrop of the active Soufriere Hills volcano.

Dominica’s Waitukubuli National Trail is the Caribbean’s first long distance trail, which passes through the indigenous Carib community and the Morne Trois Pitons National Park that includes the world’s second largest Boiling Lake.

Cuba’s Sierra Maestra mountains are not only for hiking, but full of history as the place where Fidel Castro and Che Guevara took refuge. In Curaçao, visitors can hike, bike or jump on a horse to explore the Christoffel park, home to the island’s highest point Mount Christoffel – while on Bonaire, walkers can climb Mount Brandaris.

Haiti is another place that offers unspoilt landscapes, challenging hikes and amazing views. But for those who prefer four legs to two, horse-riding is a good way to soak up the sights.

Most islands have riding stables and it is easy to arrange trips ranging from a few hours to a full day.

Rafting the Rio Grande Jamaica

Rafting the Rio Grande, Jamaica

Water adventure

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If exploring by boat is more your style, take your pick from kayaking upriver, through a mangrove swamp or in the sea. Join an expedition in dugout canoes that will take you through wild rapids and falls – and allows time for fishing, camping or mountaineering.

Take the opportunity to explore labyrinthine underground caves with impressive stalactites and stalagmites, bat colonies, rock paintings and underground waterfalls. You may even be able to swim – we have some of the world’s longest subterranean waterways.

If you long for adventure, you'll find it in the Caribbean.